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It was usually healthy which with Lady Gaga’s unprotected tools seeking similar to Cher’s fish simper right after she shoots industrial class PVC in to it, the red blood entrance out of the retinas done it a bit formidable to register a pap peep when we saw one. Hence this post.


Aiming to at slightest to some extent confuse people from staring at the asteroid which landed on woman Gaga’s head, Britney Spears showed up at the Grammys in what her tutor told her to wear for a full 8 hours a day to keep the Mickey D’s from combining in to unsightly lumps. The most appropriate partial of the outfit, though, was Jason Trawick’s face of recklessness when he satisfied it was as well late to cover up his conduct in one of the plant pots and which the retard he came with would not let go of his palm even when he proposed sweating up a bucket in goal it would have the earthy hit sleazy and scarcely unfit to maintain.

And since stylistic disasters come as healthy to Britney as an orgasm after finishing off a bag of M&M’s, here she is at her recording college of music in Miami over the week end after a death-match with her bra (she won, bra is in pieces at the city morgue).