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The contriver of the silicon breast make should be canonized….because even yet Lindsay Lohan is not-so-slowly wasting away, her titties have been as sharp-witted as your go through acids after a Taco Bell lunch. Lindsay attended Richard Branson’s Rock the Kasbah eventuality at the former Vibiana Cathedral in downtown LA. BTW, is the blond demeanour unequivocally the most appropriate for a lady who’s skin has not seen the object for at slightest 3 years? Her conduct disappears when peep bulbs pop. Nothing left but freckles and cans.

You’ll frequency listen to the THG staff take Kate Gosselin’s side in anything, but when her own brother, Kevin Kreider, sells her out on CBS’ Early Show, good …

We’re still not on Kate’s side, per se. We’re only observant what a d!ck move it is by Kevin Kreider and crook mother Jodi to gain fifteen mins at her expense.

The dual have not long ago assimilated forces with Team Jon Gosselin (they strictly are Team Jon Gosselin, as we can’t suppose there have been most alternative members).

Their mission: Free the Gosselin Eight!

Kevin and Jodi Kreider took to the sunrise show currently to indicate out, as they have in the past, which they think the Jon and Kate Plus 8 should be canned.

No one asked for the their perspective on the matter, thoughts you, nor does Jon Gosselin give a $h!t about any one but himself. But here we are, only the same.

They even brought Gloria Allred, famous counsel and kid gratification disciple who loves microphones and cameras even some-more than they do, along for fun.

The backstabbing Gosselin kin promotly threw Kate underneath the train sanctimonious to caring about their poor, exploited nieces and nephews. Mmm hmm.

Here’s Kevin and Jodi on the Early Show …

Kate Gosselin Relatives

Don’t do it, Robert Pattinson!

You have so most going for you: the hair; the pleasing girlfriend; the adoring air blower base; the successful movie franchise.

We plead you not to press your fitness and try what so most alternative actors have unsuccessful at: the college of music album. In a brand new talk with Austrailia’s The Daily Telegraph, Pattinson hints which a CD might be on the way.

“I’m not quite meddlesome in releasing it, but I’d similar to to do a little gigs,” he said. “I theory the usually approach to do which is to get an manuscript out.”

Would you squeeze this CD?

For Vanity Fair

Among alternative topics overwhelmed on in the interview: Pattinson’s relatives and his levels of fame. Here have been a couple of excerpts:

On his parents: “They’re regularly observant I should be unequivocally unapproachable of myself, but I say, ‘It’s luck, all is only luck.'”

On his originality with the Twilight Saga: “I didn’t know any one who’d review the book prior to the movie came out. I was utterly undeveloped of the total Twilight thing.”

On luminary report photographers: “The paparazzi vigour (is hard) since you have a garland of people who wish to see you do something stupid. Sometimes when you’ve finished a 16-hour day, you only wish to go and have dinner, but they’re watchful for you to have an simpleton of yourself. It takes the fee eventually.”

We’re reduction than a month divided from the opening of New Moon.

While the broadside appurtenance for this monthly payment of the Twilight Saga is in full force – demeanour for Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to crop up on Live with Regis and Kelly between Nov 17-19 – Summit Entertainment is already removing folks psyched for the subsequent one.

The college of music has expelled the central pretension label for Eclipse, even yet the movie won’t his theaters until Jun 30, 2010.

Just suppose all the times Lindsay Lohan will come in rehab prior to then.

Check out the trademark next and let us know what you think of it:

Eclipse Logo

Tennis player incited being star Mark Philippoussis has only taken a 40-love lead on singer Jennifer Esposito, if you know what we’re talkin’ about!!

If you do, let us know. We have no thought at 6:58 in the sunrise EDT.

Bad tennis puns aside, the dual have been engaged, according to his rep:

“They have been happily intent and enjoying their time together.”

The New York native, 36, and Australian veteran tennis star, 32, got intent this summer. In alternative news, Mark Philippoussis and Jennifer Esposito were dating!

Mark Philippoussis: Age of LoveJennifer Esposito Picture

Interesting which Mark fell for a somewhat comparison lady in Jennifer.

Philippoussis might be a two-time Grand Slam finalist, but he is maybe most appropriate well known for starring on the NBC being dating show Age of Love a couple of years back.

There, he was forced to select in between women in the 20s or 40s, a.k.a. “kittens” and the “cougars.” He finished up picking “kitten” Amanda Salinas.

They pennyless up similar to an hour later.

Esposito, who has appeared on Samantha Who?, Rescue Me, Spin City and in the movie Crash, was formerly tied together to actress Bradley Cooper.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Lindsay Lohan Plays the Victim Card

Lindsay Lohan might be a on foot obituary, and a slow-moving sight mutilate which is hemorrhaging jobs roughly as quick as pounds. But she says she’s only a target.

Responding to the conform critics who panned her entrance pick up for the French designer, Emanuel Ungaro, she says “I knew people were going to aim me.”

“I am a target. I don’t know why, but I am, and I accept that. I only don’t compensate courtesy to it,” the singer designer actress celebration lady tells the Sunday Times.

She takes the same proceed to being forsaken by her jot down label.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I didn’t design everybody to be utterly amatory the collection. It is the same with all I have done.”

Except it’s not. It’s most worse than that.


Like a five-car collision interlude trade on the side of I-5, one simply can’t demeanour divided from the awfulness which is Lindsay Lohan, a mutilate unraveling prior to the really eyes.

Combined with her hard-partying lifestyle, it’s starting to take a tol, too. Audience members remarkable tears in her eyes as she walked the Paris runway Oct 4.

“It was such a surreal knowledge and I think I was romantic substantially for the complete week, but when we walked out, it was a great feeling,” Lindsay Lohan said.

So what’s subsequent for the 23-year-old wreck?

“I feel I am on the fork of something new. I only need to be here.” However, she admits in the end, “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t similar to to think ahead.”

To a degree, you have to live for the moment. We apply oneself that. We only goal which the bad thing has some-more than a couple of some-more tomorrows to demeanour brazen to.

Someone greatfully save her!


Here’s Daryl Hannah at the EMA (Environmental Media Association) Awards seeking all, well, lucid and putting in a excellent arrangement of her unopressed environmentally-friendly (plastic free) mammaries. Although to be honest, we most cite her exposed and cumulative creation love to an roughly archaic tree-trunk.