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We’re only weeks divided from the entrance manuscript from Kris Allen.

But fans do not need to wait for until Nov seventeen to attend to a couple of brand new singles by the American Idol champion.

Over the weekend, the Florida local debuted a contingent of songs at a Miami Dolphins  tailgate party. The first, filmed below, is patrician “Written All Over My Face.”

Written All Over My Face

Has this irritated your interest?

Follow the burst to watch Allen perform dual some-more hits, any of that wil be featured on his stirring CD.

Can’t Stay Away

Before We Come Undone

What’s an NYU lady to do when she needs to stir her constant subjects in to anointing her queen? Well, removing Lady Gaga to fool around a in isolation show would help!

That’s what Blair (Leighton Meester) does in an arriving part of Gossip Girl Nov 16. The cocktail star only filmed her opening on the CW drama.

Gaga will be behaving her brand new single, “Bad Romance.”

“My small sister is the hugest Gossip Girl air blower ever,” the dance-pop songstress, who joins Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks as guest stars this season, told People.

Leighton, Penn, Lady Gaga

Penn Badgley, Lady Gaga and Leighton Meester on the Gossip Girl set.

Word has it which the show’s all-knowing blogger/narrator uttered by Kristen Bell will post a gossip about Gaga being a hermaphrodite. Just kidding. Probably.

You do not see this each day. That is a great thing.

Videos on the renouned website Funny or Die entice you to opinion Funny or Die. But they do not typically engage a child at the finish screaming he is going to die.

If Los Angeles city planners ever wondered because the open travel complement isn’t some-more popular, this four-minute video ought to answer which question.

When a little smarty pants kids motionless to regularly harass what appeared to be a transvestite harlot – on her/his birthday no reduction – they got theirs.

We’re not observant they deserved it, but

Smart-Ass Kids Maced By Crackhead

It’s the slightest well-kept tip on the Internet: The Hollywood Gossip is not a big air blower of Miley Cyrus.

For months, we railed opposite the singer’s self-indulgent make use of of Twitter, as good as her ubiquitous ego and inapt clothes for a 16-year old.

But competence the staff need to regulate to a universe in which Cyrus serves as an tangible purpose model?!? She deleted her Twitter comment this month since she came to the grown up fulfilment which it’s not full of health to discuss it the universe about your each suspicion and action.

Over the weekend, meanwhile, Miley achieved at the Concert For Hope, a gift eventuality hold at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. In a giving gesture, she sung “The Climb” on theatre with a immature cancer patient. Check it out:

Concert for Charity

The eventuality benefitted cancer investigate and diagnosis programs at City of Hope, one of the country’s heading cancer centers.

Just similar to final year – when she lifted over dual million dollars – Miley is donating one dollar from each sheet sole during her Wonder World Tour to the organization.

It’s an action of gift even the vicious staff can’t find a singular thing wrong with. Now, if usually Cyrus would do something about her immature sister’s Halloween costume…