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With apologies to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, as good as Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, we think we’ve found the cutest integrate in Hollywood.

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert was speckled out with beloved Drake LaBry final night – and even an irritating luminary report photographer couldn’t get in the approach of this pair’s happiness.

In fact, right in front of the paparazzi, Lambert laid a soppy one on his man. Check it out:

Kissing Alert!

You’ve gotta admire the probity and probity with that Lambert lives his life.

While heterosexuals get divorced at a rate of 50%, it creates undiluted clarity most politicians instruct to repudiate a integrate such as this full marital rights… NOT!

Check out some-more shots of Adam and Drake below, together with a pointless confront the thespian had with Brandy inside a 7-11:

Running Adorable ErrandsA Very Cute CoupleOut, About, CuteVery Much in LoveAdam and Brandy


zach is alive

Did you listen to which ‘Scrubs’ star Zach Braff died? Twitter and alternative amicable networking sites were buzzing with the headlines which he’d downed a garland of pills and killed himself. Well, it was usually an additional Internet luminary genocide anything forged which no one unequivocally cared about.

The usually self-murder that’s taken place in Zach’s hold up is his career, nonetheless he felt he indispensable to infer which he is still alive and kicking by formulating a YouTube video. In it, he points out inaccuracies in the ostensible headlines story: “The city slicker pronounced which I was found in my 32,000 block feet estate in Beverly Hills. Look, I’m not Oprah, alright? That’s a big donkey house. Look, I’ve got a good house, but 32,000 block feet, that’s a little Oprah shit right there.”

Zach says which if he ever did confirm to off himself he’d do it by attack himself with pots and pans. Before signing off, he calls the man who done up the story a douchebag for scaring his mom and gets his ‘Scrubs’ friend Donald Faison to sing an RnB chronicle of ‘Wind Beneath My Wings.’ When it comes to being a douchbag, patently it takes one to know one.

januarys cleavage

Who knew that underneath all the correct and correct ’60s serving woman clothes that Jan Jones’ Betty Draper wears on ‘Mad Men,’ there was such a luscious chest only watchful to open forth? Obviously GQ knew, that is because they got Jan to show a little skin for their Nov issue.

We’ve got to say, Jan certain gives Christina Hendricks’ shapely Joan a run for her income in these photos. The sugarine honeyed singer is all piquancy in this set, that includes eccentric black slip and a shirt ripping with the annuity of her chest. If her impression was this uninhibited on ‘Mad Men,’ there’s no approach Don Draper would have deceived on his wife.

tara vs kelly

As Hugh Hefner descends in to senility, the code he built, Playboy, seems to be losing it’s thoughts too. It was only voiced that dipsomaniac waste-of-space Tara Reid has been asked to unclothed all for the sacred pages of the men’s rag. And given Tara’s not just bustling at the moment, unless you equate downing shots of Jager whilst you do her many appropriate to get skin cancer “busy,” she has supposed their offer.

It’s been a full decade given any one has longed for to see Tara Reid naked, so it’s not just a manoeuvre for Playboy to have snagged her scorched physique for a spread, that we’re told will be featured in their Dec “celebrity” issue. Any if you think Playboy over-airbrushes many of the immature hotties they customarily speak in to removing exposed for them, you’re going to be on your knees thanking the great Lord on top of for those photoshop skills when they magically erase all of Tara’s botched cosmetic operation scars and saggy ass.

Another “celebrity” rumored to be stripping down for the Dec emanate is ‘Real Housewives of New York’ star Kelly Bensimon, who after carrying dual kids, still looks somewhat reduction shop-worn than Tara Reid. We listen to there’s a catfight brewing over who will land on the cover in December, but in the end, we think this is similar to determining in between eating sawdust or toenail clippings. It’s going to be unappetizing yes or no approach the silver lands.