Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were declared the Sexiest Couple of 2015, an tangible endowment handed out by OK! Magazine.

And what estimable winners they are! Just demeanour at these dual hotties!

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Pic

The lovable integrate not long ago attended dual of OK! Magazine’s So Sexy events, where they where between others reception accolades for their attractiveness.

“Definitely honored! I meant unequivocally surprised,” Tom pronounced of the honor.

“I didnt comprehend we were cool sufficient for that,” Ariana adds.

“I feel similar to I’m seeking at the alternative people who were similar to sexiest this or that. I’m similar to how have been we even whatever? I mean, I’ll take it, right?”

In further to opening up about their common HEAT on the red carpet, Tom and Ariana dished a bit some-more about the eventuality on amicable media.

“@okmagazine oh so voluptuous Couple of the Year!! So honored,” Tom writes.

His partner additionally combined on Instagram, “Thank you so most to @okmagazine for fixing us sexiest integrate of 2015! We’re not worthy!”

We cannot wait for to see some-more of Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix when Vanderpump Rules Season 4 kicks off after this year or early next.

In the meantime, at slightest we’ll regularly have these iconic GIFs …

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You've seen the snippet.

Now knowledge the real, frightful thing!

E! has expelled a extensive shave from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 10 midseason finale, as it gives us a demeanour at how Kim is pressuring Khloe to leave for the airfield since she has a doctor's appointment.

So Khloe agrees step on the gas, usually to fast bewail this preference since the conditions have been reduction than ideal.

Cue a vital movement and afterwards a car collision which leaves Khloe after admissing to the camera (not seen here):

“When things similar to this happens, it creates you put all in to perspective. Life, family, friends – what’s critical to you. Things can shift in a wink of an eye.

"Our family has schooled which tons of times. We really have angels surrounding us today."

Yup, DEFINITELY. And this car collision DEFINITELY happened. It wasn't calculated or anything.

Elsewhere on the episode, Kim Kardashian will demonstrate disappointment over her conceiving physically difficulties.

Keeping up with the kardashians see the kar krash

In the arise of the Josh Duggar passionate attack scandal, most disturbed truths about Josh and his family have come to light.

Earlier this week, we heard firsthand accounts of Michelle and Jim Bob distinguished their young kids with a “rod” to retaliate them for teenager offenses.

Shortly thereafter, we schooled about the oppressive inlet of Michelle Duggar’s “blanket training.” 

Now, the floodgates have been open and everybody from former nineteen Kids and Counting organisation members to associate residents of Tontitown, Arkansas have been entrance brazen with troubling tales of the Duggars’ weird child-rearing practices.

Michelle Duggar Pic

Gawker posted multiform intolerable Duggar stories today, multiform of which concerned Jim Bob and his presumably hard-line, nonetheless mostly false position on pre-marital passionate activity.

One associate parishioner at the Duggars’ church recalls Josh’s lapse from “therapy” after Jim Bob sent him away, presumably for being held with racy materials:

“Nobody told me which he was guilty of passionate molestation. I do recollect which he was held for publishing and being sent divided for reconstruction when he was seventeen or so.

“If people demeanour behind to when Josh was bald on the show, it was since he was being ‘rehabilitated.’ The head-shaving was partial of the degrading process.

“When Josh returned from his ‘porn rehab,’ he was brought prior to the church. After Josh gave his “testimony”, his sisters came up and hugged him and I recollect saying huge, confused tears streaming down their faces.

“I recollect being confused about because they seemed to take it so personally…Now it creates some-more sense.”

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Another tipster says her “cousin’s husband” worked on the nineteen Kids set and offering an shocking comment of an incident in which Jim Bob held one of his sons masturbating:

“One of the comparison Duggar Boys was held personification with himself. He pronounced which one of his brothers had told on him for being in the lavatory for a couple of hours one night, disturbed which he was sick. Well to see if he unequivocally was, Jim Bob walked in.

“He held him you do it, and on one of the day’s the cameras were filming. Jim bobs screams done the organisation run to where they were filming. Immediately they asked him what was wrong. All Jim Could reply was, ‘Idle hands have been the devils playthings.’

“Apparently, the total subsequent day he was ostensible to do chores around the house. But, Jim Bob had scored equally his hands together so which you do anything was scarcely impossible.”

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Obviously, there’s no forgive or reason for Josh’s reprehensible actions, and there’s no one to censure solely for Josh himself.

That said, each brand brand new explanation about the Duggars’ weird approaches to kid rearing and sexuality helps strew brand brand new light on the genius of the management total who believed they could hoop the incident themselves, and who assured their young kids to keep sickening family secrets to themselves for over a decade. 

Lil Mama is here with an critical summary about sausage.

But not the kind of sausage one eats.

The 25-year old rapper (a former America's Best Dance Crew decider and singer who portrayed Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes in CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story) has expelled a protected sex anthem that pays loyalty to Mary J. Blige, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

The video facilities the artist dancing on a Brooklyn brownstone bob with area kids in draw as she belts out lyrics such as:

"Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage/You improved make use of a condom if you’re takin’ it, sausage."

Words to live by, kids. Word. To. Live. By.

Did we discuss which Lil Mama is additionally rocking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animation varsity jacket? Yeah. You unequivocally need to watch this video ASAP.

Lil mom sausage

Nice try, luminary inform world.

This is the simple summary Kris Jenner has sent out in reply to the gossip which Rob Kardashian has checked in to rehab in Florida.

The overweight being star has perceptibly been listened from given referring to Kim Kardashian as “the b-tch from Gone Girl,” which itself followed a rsther than prolonged still period.

Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner

A prior inform purported Rob concluded to find veteran assistance (for piece abuse, we presume) late Thursday night, but Jenner has replied to which claim with dual words:

Completely fabricated, she tells Entertainment Tonight.

Kris has mostly had to carry out repairs carry out for her public image son over the past multiform months, ever given he fundamentally fell off the Hollywood radar.

Just final week, Kris common a handful of texts from her family which enclosed amatory remarks directed at the 28-year-old being star.

In one of the messages, Rob is referred to a “bunny boo.” How sweet, right?

Or how … fake?

Yes, Kris Jenner is indicted of faking content messages which have her family demeanour all tighten and amatory and honeyed and tight-knit.

Would any one be at all astounded if this were essentially the case?

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After headlines of the Bill Cosby passionate attack liaison went public, multiform veteran comics came brazen to exhibit which Cosby’s perverted ways were something of an “open secret” in the humerous entertainment community.

Roseanne Barr claimed she’d well well well known about Cosby for years. Comics similar to Kathy Griffin and Patton Oswalt tweeted await for the victims and settled which they weren’t astounded to see the allegations come to light.

Now, it looks as nonetheless a many younger comic who’s still dear by many of his peers might be the ultimate theme of a little very nauseous accusations.

Louis C.K. on Stage

It all proposed when an unclear young comic well well well known usually as “Jason” alerted Gawker to a little intolerable charges opposite Louis C.K.

Jason says he sent C.K. an email reading, “Hey could you greatfully stop intimately assaulting womanlike comics? It’s unequivocally worried to have to ask your favourite to stop receiving his penis out in front of unfeeling and fearful girls, but such is life.”

Jason says C.K. responded in mins and asked for his phone series so which the dual of them could plead the matter.

A self-described “former fan,” Jason says he was unhappy when C.K. offering zero in the approach of invulnerability or clarification. He says which their review consisted especially of the comic “sizing [him] up” and perplexing to find out what he knew.

The incident went mostly unreported at first, but progressing today, a podcast in which stand up comic Jen Kirkman describes the nuisance she endured from a comic who sounds an horrible lot similar to C.K. began to have the rounds online:

“And afterwards I had an additional man who is a unequivocally important comic,” Kirkman says “He is substantially at Cosby turn at this point. He is lauded as a genius. He is fundamentally a French filmmaker at this point. You know, brand new element each year. 

“He’s a well well well known perv. And there’s a lockdown on articulate about him. His man friends have been station by him, and you cannot contend a bad thing about him.”

“If I contend it, my career is over. My physical education instructor and my representative have told me that. They didn’t bluster it. They only pronounced to me ‘You know what Jen, it’s not value it since you’ll be ripped apart. Look at the Cosby women.’

“And this man didn’t rape me, but he done a sure formidable preference to go on debate with him unequivocally hard. Because I knew if I did, I’d be removing some-more of the same uncanny diagnosis I’d been removing from him.”

It’s tough to think of a stream comic in reserve from C.K. who matches the outline supposing by Kirkman. (The “new element each year” and “French filmmaker” comments expected impute to C.K.’s acclaimed, initial sitcom.)

C.K. has nonetheless to reply to the allegations opposite him, but multiform amicable media users who explain to be informed with the incident contend which they design some-more victims to come forward.

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Ready to crawl down, song lovers?

The one and the only Kelly Clarkson has come out with her ultimate song video.

For the lane "Invincible," the footage facilities Clarkson spending a lot time dancing around a room full of cube-shaped floating lamps.

With empowerment as a transparent theme, these equipment in the future break to exhibit women who were formerly stealing inside.

These females wear their suffering on their faces, nonetheless which suffering shortly gives approach to happiness… along with a lot of fist-pumping.

Check out the video and be reminded why Kelly Clarkson is awesome.

Kelly clarkson godlike song video

Chris Brown penned a courteous note on Instagram revelation his past faults, condemning his own actions and vowing he will be a improved person.

No, this is not an Apr Fools’ Day antic you’re reading!

Chris Brown on Insta

“I regularly suspicion I knew the judgment of love,” Brown wrote, to one side a print of himself waxing philosophical in a pleasant locale.

“Fame and Money can get in the approach of that. Most of my issues regularly understanding with love and me being in my feelings,” the 26-year-old added.

“Not to discuss me being a dog sometimes. I can’t verbalise for everybody but I can contend which my actions contributed a lot to my karma.”

“Being sceptical and indignant and determining … There [have] been times where I looked in the counterpart and hated the chairman I see.”

With great reason, but Brown claims he’s changed.

“I verbalise to God a lot now,” the thespian wrote, lamenting, “He’s since me so most and I feel similar to I rubbish his gifts becuz of my guileless personality.”

“The universe is full of negativity and I feel I fool around a partial in it becuz of the choices I’ve done or mistakes,” Brown says, and it’s not a short list.

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“I lend towards to accept the disastrous or the riff raff,” Breezy opines, introspectively, “Becuz I know what it’s similar to to be a immature black ‘n—-’ in America.”

We can’t verbalise to that, but “I regularly see the great in people even when they do not see it,” he adds. “I love others some-more than myself at times.”

“Everything u see on the aspect does not simulate what’s inside. This is my white flag. I obey to hold up and all the blessings!” Chris professed.

In closing, going forward, “I exclude to be sparse and courtesy seeking. To know me is to love me. Good Bad UGLY! Sincerely, Konfuzed.”

Brown’s story is as formidable as it is controversial. One of the brightest immature stars in music, his hold up altered perpetually in Feb 2009.

The night prior to the Grammys, Chris Brown kick Rihanna to a sensless, heartless degree. Since the incident, his repute has not recovered.

The “actions” he admits to in his Instagram missive played a big purpose in that; Brown has been concerned in most some-more run-ins with the law.

Most recently, he was dumped by partner Karrueche Tran after it was suggested which he had personally fathered a small lady a year earlier.

That small lady has altered his opinion on life, though.

His brand brand new open persona as the father of Royalty has malleable Chris considerably, and we usually goal he backs up this brand brand new set of promises.

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Beyonce and Jay Z have regularly been most some-more in isolation than their some-more being show-happy badonkadonk-ed counterparts, so whilst we see pics of alternative A-list kids on a unchanging basis, brand new photos of Blue Ivy Carter have been regularly a special surprise.

The Carters were on eighth month in Italy this week and Mama Bey did not defect in conditions of delivering a little top-notch snaps of hip hop's First Family.

Is anything here as epic as Beyonce and Blue "flossing" to Jay's music? Probably not, but we regularly suffer being reminded which whilst some luminary kids have been being dragged to conform shows and treated with colour similar to accessories, Baby Blue is authorised to do standard child stuff…just in a approach some-more baller fashion:


1. Beyonce and Blue: Hotel Chillin’

Beyonce and blue road house chillin
Bey and Blue relaxing on vacation. We do not think possibly of them is able of receiving a bad picture.

2. Beyonce and Blue Ivy: Carousel Ballin’

Beyonce and blue ivy carousel ballin
Baby Blue and her mother on a carousel in Italy. We’re certain the Carters could means an tangible bullion hack if she longed for one.

3. Beyonce and Pizza

Beyonce and pizza
We didn’t think you could fit this most soundness in to one picture. This competence be the most appropriate thing in the story of photography.

4. Beyonce Posing

Beyonce posing
Queen Bey posted this pic to Tumblr. As usual, she looks flawless.

5. Beyonce and Blue Ivy: Mean Mugging

Beyonce and blue ivy meant mugging
Bey and Blue creation faces for the camera. These dual really have zero to be indignant about.

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Look out, Kim Kardashian.

Kendall Jenner is once again here to infer she has the most appropriate boundary in the business. Or at slightest in her family.

After posting a video of herself operative out which focused closely on this asset, followed by this transparent try to show off her booty, Kendall is behind with an up-close-and-personal demeanour at her derriere.

Ready to get impertinent with the 19-year old being star? Here you go…

Kendall Jenner Butt Photo

“Strawberry swing,” Jenner captioned the image since she obviously expects people to be seeking at the square of ripened offspring in her right hand.

And, if you’ll concede us a malediction for a moment, this is the arrange of thing which bothers us about the Jenners and Kardashians.

If you wish to flourish your physique on Instagram, go right ahead. But do not fake you have been you do anything alternative than flash your physique on Instagram.

We’d apply oneself Kendall Jenner a total lot some-more here if she elementary wrote as a caption:

Hey, take a demeanour at my boundary cheeks so you can follow me on Instagram and I can set up my brand. Thanks!

We won’t reason the breath for this to happen, though.

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