In Aug of final year, Justin Timberlake got in a little difficulty for promulgation Madonna what a little interpreted to be a extremist birthday message.

But we someway disbelief JT will be in difficulty at home for what he pronounced about his mom on Instagram today.

In respect of Jessica Biel branch 33 years old, the thespian – who typically stays still about the mom of his imminent baby and their matrimony – posted the following print and wrote the following words:

Justin Timberlake Loves Jessica Biel

Happy Bday to the sweetest, most GORGEOUS, goofiest, most BAD-ASS chicky I know. You have me grin ’til it hurts. I love you similar to crazy! –Your Huz

Perhaps we can right away put to rest those stupid Justin and Jessica divorce rumors, huh?

Biel and Timberlake have been awaiting their initial kid any week now.

We do not know if it will be a lady or a boy. But we do know it will be beautiful, gifted and very, unequivocally loved.

HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY, JESSICA BIEL! We’d get you a present, but you already have the sweetest male in the world.

Drake and Bernice Burgos: Dating!

Drake has a repute as a player, but he’s additionally something of an old-school romantic.

Drizzy doesn’t only wish to nap with you, girl, he wants your prohibited love and emotion…endlessly. So whilst he could’ve outlayed the past year personification the field, Drake antiquated Rihanna, got dumped, and changed on to Bernice Burgos.

So who is Burgos? A singer? Actress? Former most appropriate crony of Rihanna’s that Drake is regulating to have her jealous? 

No, she’s a 34-year-old barkeeper from the Bronx, but prior to you decider Aubrey cruelly for dating underneath him, check out vaunt POW:

Bernice Burgos Photo
Hot Drake Photo

Yes, Bernice has so most behind you can see it from the front, and any one who knows Drizzy knows that the male loves a plunder value crooning about.

Drake and Bernice haven’t publicly reliable their attribute yet, but they’re now on eighth month together in Australia, that is a small opposite from receiving your infrequent hookup partner to Dave & Buster’s.

Oh, and on Valentine’s Day, Bernice Instagrammed a print of six boxes of garments from Chanel and dual boxes of Louboutin shoes.

So unless, she has an additional multi-millionaire suitor (or similar to 4,000 dudes who chipped in thirty bucks each), afterwards we’re observant Drake is the sugarine dad in her life.

So, to summation the ultimate rumors about Drake’s love life:

  • He attempted to crash porn star Mia Khalifa and unsuccessful miserably.
  • Then there were those rumors of a Drake-Madonna hookup.
  • Now he’s violation the bank on a lady he won’t even concede himself to be photographed with.

Can someone discuss it this city slicker he’s abounding and famous?! He’s fumbling his approach by dating similar to he’s still at Degrassi.

While investigators have been still uncertain of how and because Bobbi Kristina Brown mislaid consciousness in her bathtub on Jan 31, the prevalent speculation amongst friends and fans is which the 21-year-old’s drug abuse eventually held up with her.

We’ve schooled which drugs were found in Bobbi Kristina’s apartment, and which she began enchanting in all demeanour of self-destructive function in the months following the death of her mother, Whitney Houston.

Police haven’t ruled out tainted play, but as the weeks spin in to months, it’s apropos increasingly transparent which drug played some purpose in Bobbi’s nearby drowning.

Bobbi Kristina Pic

Now, a crony of Bobbi’s is vocalization out for the initial time and claiming which the the uneasy immature woman’s make use of of opiates was far some-more impassioned than had been formerly thought.

“She did heroin. Not injecting it, snorting it,” the unknown source tells Radar Online.

The unclear crony says she was usually as dependant as Bobbi, and which the dual of them used “every day.”

The insider says Bobbi drank and smoked pot as a teenager, but didn’t proceed regulating tough drug until after her mother had passed.

“I do not think heroin and opiates were until after Whitney died,” says the source. “I did them too: Roxycodone and Xanax and heroin. I feel so hideous about which now. It’s opposite when you’re an addict…I should have been a sure approach and I wasn’t.”

The crony says she got solemn multiform months ago and right divided wishes she had staged an involvement for Bobbi:

“Why didn’t I shake up her and call her aunt? I have felt so guilty. She had so most going for her in life.”

Sources tighten to the incident have settled which they hold Bobbi Kristina will be private from hold up support a little time in the subsequent week.

Last month, Kate Gosselin was investigated by Child Services for allegedly mistreating her son Colin.

Some would contend the supervision involvement was a prolonged time coming, as Kate “the Monster Mom” has prolonged been a theme of oppressive critique from parenting experts, mommy bloggers, and infrequent Kate Plus 8 fans, alike.

Now, Kate wants to residence her critics directly, and what improved venue than the being show which done her famous….and infamous:

“To a degree, I try not to let it worry me,” Gosselin tells Kate Plus 8 cameras in the on top of clip. “I omit a lot of it since I’m busy.

“To this handful of people who have motionless to persevere their lives to hating me: I feel bad for them. I mean, what a unhappy contemptible hold up to try to take down an additional individual. I mean, do you unequivocally think you have an outcome on my life? You don’t.”

Of course, Kate doesn’t without delay residence claims which she had kids to turn famous and was – for a little reason – astounded when the charge of raising right young kids valid to be some-more than she could handle. 

But hey, might be she’ll answer to which indictment in a opposite forum – similar to when she’s fundamentally hauled in to justice for being a terrible, violent mother.

It all proposed when Scottish thespian Caitlin McNeil posted a print which her friend’s mom had taken on Tumblr.

She approaching a discerning answer to an easy question: What color is this dress?

What she got was the arrange of tellurian materialisation could usually occur in the Age of Social Media.

McNeil expected never illusory which a elementary discuss over a mother-of-the-bride dress would outcome in a trending theme which was the theme over 11,000 tweets per notation at the peak.

We’re guessing she never dreamed which celebs similar to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber would import in on the color controversy. And we’re certain she never suspicion the unintended visual apparition she posted online would move her face-to-face with Ellen:

For reasons which sojourn unclear, Ellen means the Scots who proposed the discuss with ten grand and a giveaway outing to Grenada.

Well, sales of the skirt have skyrocketed, so we guess…they merit something? Maybe we only do not assimilate multitude anymore.

Anyway, the skirt had already been reliable as blue and black, but it helps those of us on Team White and Gold to see the lady at the heart of the discuss wearing it in lighting which wasn’t combined by the Devil to rip a republic apart.

So yes, the discuss is over, and #TheDress is really blue and black. And the man who got a tattoo off #TheDress is really an idiot.

Saturday Night Live once mocked any one who dissed Beyonce Knowles by adhering the Beygency on these haters.

The blueprint was meant to poke fun at the actuality which Beyonce might be the slightest hated luminary on the planet. And it was flattering droll at the time.

But here’s the thing: it was additionally misguided. Because no one can essentially hatred on Beyonce! She has a undiluted repute since she’s perfect! More or less!

This is a lady who has found huge success as partial of a organisation and as a piece for one person artist.

She is someone who can agonise around seductively on theatre one minute… and afterwards set the tinge for the Presidential Ball with a pleasing delivery of “At Last” the subsequent moment.

She has a amatory husband. She has a changed daughter.

She has won Grammy Award after Grammy Award and she owns her own account distinct any alternative star out there. Also: she dislikes Kim Kardashian.

For all these reasons and most others remarkable above, Queen Bey reigns supreme. Bow down or get out of the way.

So, um…tell us what you unequivocally think, Wiz.

Proving which his pound-a-day weed robe has finished small to quell his violent temper, Wiz Khalifa went off on disloyal mother Amber Rose in a guest hymn on a Juicy J lane which was expelled today.

Quoth Mr. Khalifa:

“I fell in love with a stripper, droll thing is I fell out of love quicker…Bottles be branch these girls in to thots, Instagram turning these girls in to hoes.”

“You all about which money, which sh-t which I throw, Just have certain you purify off which pole…Trust me, do not save them, Anything goes with these hoes.”

Back when Amber filed for divorce from Wiz, we likely which the divorce routine would get messy. Of course, given she caught Wiz intrigue on her with twins, we figured Amber would be the one articulate trash.

Much of the sourness stems from Amber and Wiz’ control dispute over 2-year-old Sebastian. Right now, the kid splits his time in between their homes, but both parties have been reportedly fighting for a larger share of his time.

That’s sad, of course, but the genuine tragedy here is which all of this distortion is distracting from Amber’s argument with the Kardashians

You’re depriving us of Grade-A entertainment, Wiz! Just give her what she wants!

Turns out, Justin Bieber’s misfortune calamity is not DJ Zedd removing it on with Selena Gomez.

Not according to a brand new promo for the Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast, at least.

The ultimate trailer for this Mar thirty special facilities Bieber personification the drums (shirtless, of course), whilst stand up comic Jeffrey Ross creates fun of the barbarous Justin Bieber Calvin Klein print fire from usually a integrate months ago.

“I wish you, Justin,” coos Ross, flourishing pithy and adding: “I wish to hang my pinky in your a–hole. I’m a Belieber.”

Ross has grown important over the years roughly wholly for his satirical insults on scarcely all Comedy Central Roasts.

Bieber’s book will be hosted by Kevin Hart, but Ross will really be since time to get a couple of (dozen) digs in.

Justin, meanwhile, keeps vagrant Seth Rogen to additionally experience on the program, Tweeting uninterrupted at the actress to take his most appropriate shot on-air. But Rogen is nonetheless to respond.

Previous Justin Bieber Roast commercials have featured Ross giving Bieber and permanent skin stain and Bieber removing egged.

And usually since it’s semi-relevant, here’s a demeanour at most Justin Bieber shirtless photos:

Taylor Swift has a approach with small kids.

We’ve already shown you the extraordinary video of a baby who will usually stop great on conference Blank Space. But, sadly, the following footage has a unequivocally opposite thesis to it.

It facilities a headlines inform on Jalene Salinas, a four-year old lady failing of brain cancer.

Her friends and family launched a amicable media debate centered around her mental condition of dancing with Swift to “Shake It Off” and, when Taylor listened about it, she called the dauntless toddler and common a 20-minute FaceTime review with her.

Prepare to be changed to tears as you watch snippets from it here:

Taylor Swift FaceTimes with Terminally Ill Toddler

“I’m so contemptible you’re carrying a bad night,” Swift told Salinas. “I’m so happy to speak to you, though, and I’m so happy that you similar to Shake It Off. You demeanour pleasing tonight, you unequivocally do.”

Swift, of course, has turn scandalous for interacting with her fans in ways that put alternative celebrities to shame.

For example… she once paid off the students loans of one long-time supporter. Seriously!

As Swift herself says in the following GIF:

Yup. You certain are.

At this point, some-more than thirty women have indicted Bill Cosby of passionate misconduct. Some contend they were verbally harassed, whilst others explain the humerous entertainment fable unperceiving and raped them.

Despite their varying severity, however, the women’s claims all enclose certain disturbing similarities. 

Most of the purported victims were young, genuine determined actresses, and roughly each case, they claimed which Cosby offering them a splash which had been drugged.

Bill Cosby Image

A lady identified usually as Patricia is the ultimate to come forward, and in a intolerable talk with Buzzfeed, she told a story we’ve listened all as well most times…but with a little uncanny brand new wrinkles:

According to Patricia, she was usually twenty-two when Cosby invited her to cooking at his home in 1978. Patricia insincere which Cosby’s wife, Camille, would be fasten them and was astounded to sense which she was the usually guest.

“I felt warning bells go off since it did feel intimate, but I was perplexing to be so grown up and mature,” Patricia said. 

Before long, Cosby offering her a splash which Patricia was believed was peaked with a absolute sedative. He afterwards asked her to take partial in a unfortunate exercise:

“I would leave the room and travel behind in, sanctimonious to be a black with oatmeal on her face, and he would discuss it me I was you do it wrong and to go behind and try again. Then I proposed to feel uncanny from the drink. And afterwards I do not recollect much.”

Patricia says she awoke hours later, exposed in Cosby’s bedroom. He assured her which she had thrown up and upheld out, and which he had had to rinse her dress.

Cosby released a matter following the prior turn of allegations, but he still refuses to residence any of the women’s claims directly.

All of the alleged incidents took place prolonged sufficient ago which the TV fable is stable by the government of stipulations on passionate attack charges. 

However, Cosby is being investigated by Los Angeles military in sequence to establish if there is any approach he can be charged.