It unequivocally is a small world, isn’t it?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4, a unequivocally clever monthly payment of this CW series, we schooled which clearly everybody in Mystic Falls in connected.

To wit:

Cheers to Stelena

Sarah’s mom was a lady declared Gail. She was profound with Zach Salvatore’s child. 

We schooled this around a flashback to 1994 which Kai stirred Damon to relive since a sure situation took place on May 10 of which year; the same date on which Kai, Bonnie and Damon have been right divided stuck.

See, Damon had usually returned to Mystic Falls and Stefan was peaceful to give him an additional chance… usually he afterwards took Damon’s illumination ring and sealed him divided after he found out which Damon was stuff oneself on Gail and Zach.

But Damon transient during the obscure and killed a total garland of people… together with Gail.

However, Gail was rushed to the sanatorium and a alloy achieved a little extraordinary operation and was means to broach her baby. That ba incited out to be Sarah, who was sensitive of this tie by Jeremy.

So there’s one connection.

Tripp, meanwhile, certified to Matt which he returned to Mystic Falls after the gas trickle (which was unequivocally usually a distortion to cover up for The Grill blast on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale) from the summer in sequence to check on his grandmother.

Once he crossed the border, previously-compelled memories came flooding behind to him and he remembered which his mother was killed by a vampire. That’s since he’s right divided vigilant on destroying all vampire, whilst tracking down the one who killed his beloved.

He certified all this to Matt, who was being all decorous about what he knows of course, and afterwards showed Matt which he has Enzo restrained and skeleton on regulating him to find the alternative vampires in town, such as the one who bit Sarah’s neck (Elena, as we know.).

Elsewhere, Stefan attempted to show Elena how to begin fresh, but afterwards grew undone at her behaving all tall and mighty. He told her about the memory-erasing thing.

Elena confronted Alaric about it (who was dissapoint which he effed up flirting with Jo since he’s right divided spooky with blood), who showed Elena a biography entrance she done about what happened. It suggested her NOT to have her memories easy if she’s feeling at all happy with thoughts of Damon flooding her brain… And brand new Elena motionless to mind old Elena’s advice.

Meanwhile, in 1994… Bonnie and Damon schooled which Kai was a part of of the Gemini Coven in Oregon. But he murdered all his brothers and sisters. So they sent him behind to May 10, 1994.

He has a approach of escaping, around Bonnie’s sorcery and a little device called The Ascendant. But Bonnie doesn’t wish to move a sequence torpedo behind to benefaction day Mystic Falls. However, Kai has the capability to catch alternative people’s sorcery and he in jeopardy to take divided all of Bonnie’s murdering her in the process, unless she cooperated and got them out of there.

Finally, Stefan perceived a warn caller whilst operative on his car: IVY! Enzo fed her a little red red blood and right divided she’s a vampire. Good fitness with that, buddy!

Overall, an beguiling hour which changed most plots along nice.

You can watch The Vampire Diaries online around TV Fanatic and you can check out the central promo here for The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5:

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 Promo

Aaron Paul has a little unequivocally great points to have about BreakingBadActionFigureGate.

Late final week, a Florida lady named Susan Schrivjer started a apply to which called for Toys R Us to remove dolls from the shelves which decorated Paul’s impression of Jesse Pinkman and Bryan Cranston’s impression of Walter White.

Because these Breaking Bad-inspired total came with bags of meth and cash, Schrivjer wrote which such a “celebration of the drug traffic [makes] this pick up unsuited to be sole to one side Barbie dolls and Disney characters.”

Florida Mom Slams Breaking Bad Action Figure

In response, the sequence private the Breaking Bad dolls from the shelves.

But Paul has right away taken to Twitter in reply and even used Schrivjer’s own e.g. opposite her.

“Wait, so @ToysRUs pulled all of the Breaking Bad total from their shelves and still sells Barbie?” Paul wrote. “Hmmmm…I consternation what is some-more damaging?

“And what about all of the aroused video games you sell @ToysRUs ? Do you still sell those? Florida mother unequivocally messed it up for everyone.”

VERY good played, Aaron Paul.

As most have forked out, the Breaking Bad total were labeled as being for those over fifteen years of age; no toddler… heck, no one unknown with Breaking Bad already… is going to simply name one of these equipment off the shelves.

But Barbie? That doll with impractical proportions which sets a distressing e.g. for immature women and their physique image? The object paid for by millions of relatives opposite the nation everyday?

Where’s the snub over that?

Your move, Florida woman.

Her hips do not lie. And conjunction does her Instagram account.

Shakira showed off her conceiving physically swell online final night, pity a brand brand brand new print of herself, her baby strike and her long-time boyfriend, Gerard Piqué.

“Celebrated my partner Puig’s 100th Anniversary tonight, and wearing my brand brand brand new the one preferred accessory, #Rock!” the artist wrote as a heading to the following image.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira Pic

Shakira and Piqué have been already relatives to a son declared Milan – and the voluptuous thespian not long ago non-stop up to E! News about her second pregnancy.

“Now which I’m profound I’m trying, for the initial time in my life, to not do so most things at the same time,” she said. “Although, it’s regularly formidable and issues get in the approach even when you do not wish them to. But the infancy of the time I do work at myself to receiving caring of my belly, my pregnancy, [and] Milan.”

Shakira combined which she’ll begin work on a Spanish manuscript at a little indicate in 2015, but not until her subsequent kid enters the world.

And she won’t be alone in apropos a brand brand brand new mother. Here’s a demeanour at eleven important females all awaiting a changed package once the monthly calendar flips:

Celebrities Who Are Expecting a Baby in 2015
Kate Middleton

1. Kate Middleton
Another stately baby is on the way! Kate Middleton and Prince William will acquire it in to the universe in Apr 2015.

Earlier today, TMZ reported which Jun Shannon is dating a convicted kid molester declared Mark McDaniel. 

Sources explain which McDaniel and Shannon antiquated prior to he went to jail for passionate attack in 2004, and they reconciled before long after he was expelled in March.

This is Jun Shannon

Shockingly, insiders contend which McDaniel met his 8-year-old plant by Shannon and which she might have even been associated to the child.

Fans began voicing their snub online inside of mins of when the story pennyless and TLC settled the destiny of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is in subject in light of this news. 

June has nonetheless to publicly reply to the headlines herself, but her daughter – 14-year-old Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon – has come brazen to contend which there is no law to the gossip which her mom is concerned with McDaniel again.

“The story is not true,” Lauryn told Radar Online. “My mom left Mark 10 years ago. They haven’t seen nor talked to any alternative in 10 years.”

Lauryn additionally discussed Mama June’s dissection with Sugar Bear Thompson, saying which her mom is ideally happy superfluous singular for the time being.

“She is all about the kids,” Lauryn said. “She usually needs us girls, no one else.”

June is approaching to have a matter about the gossip which she’s dating McDaniel a little time this week.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Family
Reality TV Family

1. Reality TV Family
This family is approach some-more important than you are. It’s only misleading why, exactly.

Zelda Williams has come up with a brand new approach to respect her father.

The daughter of Robin Williams, who tragically took his own hold up on Aug 11, debuted a permanent sign of her father on Instagram this week.

It’s a permanent skin stain of a hummingbird in moody on her right hand, and it’s inked on top of her father’s birthdate, 7/21/51.

Note which she did not embody his date of death.

Zelda Williams Tattoo

“For poppo,” Williams captioned the image, adding:

“I’ll regularly put my palm out to shake up with a smile” and afterwards thanking the permanent skin stain artist obliged for “so beautifully bringing my reminders to life.”

Zelda Williams, 25, was forced to give up amicable media for awhile only a integrate days after her father’s self-murder given she was harrassed by those who took displeasure with Robin Williams unresolved himself.

She has given oral out irregularly about her father’s passing, together with on World Mental Health Day (October 10) when she urged people pang from basin to find assistance.

“Dad was, is and regularly will be one of the kindest, many generous, gentlest souls I’ve ever known,” she wrote at the time.

“And whilst there have been couple of things I know for sure right now, one of them is which not only my world, but the complete universe is perpetually a small darker, reduction full of color and reduction full of delight in his absence. We’ll only have to work twice as tough to fill it behind up again.”

21 Memorable Robin Williams Quotes
That You May Contribute a Verse

1. That You May Contribute a Verse
What will YOUR hymn be?

When Kaley Cuoco chopped her hair off behind in June, she got churned reactions from fans.

It was a dramatically opposite demeanour and a little of her IG followers weren’t amatory it, but Kaley and her father Ryan Sweeting both similar to the Ellen-esque ‘do, so it’s substantially adhering around. 

In fact, Kaley says she asked Ryan’s accede prior to she got her chopped her locks, which held her a little slam from feminist fans.

Yes, that’s what a big understanding Kaley’s hair – it’s been well known to hint domestic debates. With which in mind, we’re guessing her brand new demeanour will substantially start the Dow Jones somehow:

  • Kaley Cuoco: New Hairstyle Pic
  • Kaley Cuoco: Spiky Hair

On the left is Kaley fresh from an ASPCA gala. (Apparently she came right home and finished a salad! Rockstar!) And on the right is the issue of her descending defunct with a conduct full of product.

Is it uncanny which we essentially similar to the electric chair Tim Burton thing she’s got going on in the sunrise after pic?

Of course, right away which we’ve seen Kaley removing her hair finished on the toilet, we can’t get the picture out of the brains. Hopefully that’s not something she’s finished a unchanging robe of.

As always, the discuss rages on, so we’ve gotta ask: What do you think of Kaley’s new hairstyle?

View Poll »

33 Hottest Pics of Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco Bikini Photo

1. Kaley Cuoco Bikini Photo
The world’s hottest Kaley Cuoco swim suit photo. Which is observant a lot.

Lena Dunham has left green.

No, the Girls star isn’t you do anything notable per the environment, at slightest not as far as we know.

But the actress/producer/writer has altered up her hair color once again, ditching her gold blonde play cut for… a little kind of immature creation.

Lena Dunham with Green Hair

“Newly minted for the Canadian leg of the debate interjection to @tanneyb @rheannewhite,” Dunham wrote on Instagram along with this photo, giving a shout-out to Rheanne White Salon colorist Tanner Bassett.

Many fans believed Dunham was donning a wig when she went blonde in August, revelation E! News not prolonged after her final hair color color job:

“A paparazzo followed me by LAX the alternative day asking me how I felt about the ‘speculation’ which my hair is a wig. It was similar to the greatest liaison I’ve ever been inextricable in.”

That’s far from true, of course,

Lena Dunham is well known for being outspoken. Recently, for example, she went off on the luminary exposed print hacking scandal, referring to the situation as a sex crime and castigating any one who noticed cinema of Kate Upton bare or alternative stars in the buff.

30 Totally Crazy Celebrity Hairstyles
Lena Dunham Blonde Hair

1. Lena Dunham Blonde Hair
We can’t discuss it people, can you? Does Lena Dunham have a brand new hair color?

Bethenny Frankel’s lapse to The Real Housewives of New York City is a finished deal, but ex-husband Jason Hoppy will do anything to keep their daughter off it.

Hoppy is approaching to rigourously ask the decider doing their sour divorce to forestall 4-year-old daughter Bryn Hoppy from ever looming on the Bravo show.

  • Hoppy
  • Hi, Bethenny Frankel!

Frankel’s lapse to RHONYC was reliable this week, and “Jason isn’t anxious since he knows Bethenny is going to get in countless jabs” about their split.

While anything you see when you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online is out of his control, Hoppy hopes to carry out one vicious aspect.

“It’s only diseased for Bryn to be on TV at a time when her relatives have been removing divorced,” explains the source. “Bethenny sealed up for the show, [Bryn] didn’t.”

Bethenny might indicate to Hoppy’s stand in standard, says a source: “Jason had no complaint with Bryn being on Bethenny’s [shows] when they were happily married.”

“Bethenny wouldn’t have Bryn be with her during each singular fire for Real Housewives, but she is austere that the decider concede her to be on the show.”

Frankel, who starred on the show from 2008-10, after that she built a Skinnygirl bubbly beverage empire, outlayed the summer delicately deliberation a lapse to Bravo.

“I’m honestly excited, with a side of somewhat nervous, for my lapse to the Real Housewives of New York City,” the 43-year-old pronounced in a statement.

“Bravo has regularly been the [place on TV] where I have the leisure to be unfiltered, honest and inappropriate, with an assembly who has been with me from the beginning.”

“I can’t wait for to see what this subsequent section brings for all of us.”

Sounds similar to it will move big play on and off the screen.

Real Housewives: Before They Were Reality Stars!
Tamra Barney: Before The Real Housewives

1. Tamra Barney: Before The Real Housewives
OCs Tamra was utterly the bodacious swim suit babe. Still is!

There’s becoming different one’s demeanour or appearance, and afterwards there have been these thirteen celebrities, who became utterly unrecognizable from how we once knew them.

13 Celebrities Who Became Unrecognizable
Lindsay Lohan

1. Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan compared to what she looked similar to as a fresh-faced teenager, not even 10 full years ago? Pretty strange and not in a great way.

Either for a duration in their lives, or for great (Renee Zellweger’s face expected isn’t going behind to the Bridget Jones version), this is things you couldn’t have up.

Not even if you used all the makeup in the world. We can’t hold these thespian transformations, generally between a little stars who have been still so young.

Some celebs’ looks of march change, of course, as they age from kid teenager stars to adults, so it’s astray to contend which doesn’t fool around at slightest a little purpose here.

This is partial of because Renee Zellweger afterwards and right away photos repelled the Internet so most this week, though. Renee is 45, and the shift was recent.

Relatively speaking, the Zellweger we prognosticate when we listen to her name still looked some-more or reduction the same only a couple of years ago (see art studio below).

The pressures of Hollywood have been immense, though, either it’s a complaint with obsession or a subject of perplexing to sojourn perpetually childish looking.

Either conflict is a losing one, and a little of the on top of side by side print comparisons should offer as a cautionary story per the dim side of fame.

Some have been only funny, though. Can you suppose Zooey Deschanel but her signature bangs? Louis C.K. with hair on his conduct but not on his face?

A purify cut Zach Galifianakis?

We didn’t think so. But the on top of art studio has all of them and more! Check it out, and for a demeanour at what everyone’s articulate about re: Renee, see next …

Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Photos? See Her Changing Face
Renee Zellweger Then and Now

1. Renee Zellweger Then and Now
Renee Zellweger in 2004 and 2014. Yes, which is essentially the same person.

Justin Bieber is on glow this week.

Yesterday, we saw Bieber measure a ill idea during a rec joining hockey game. Prior to which JB sparred with Floyd Mayweather and lived to discuss it the tale.

Now which he’s proven his astonishing jaunty ability, Justin is behind to you do what he does best. No, not singing! (Does he still do that?) We’re articulate about attack on models, of course!

Justin Bieber Hits on a Model

While cruising around Beverly Hills today, Bieber pulled over to separate diversion to a indication declared Jacqueline Younis. We think she’s a full-blown Kim Kardashian look-alike, but she done the Biebs think of a opposite olive-skinned beauty.

“You demeanour similar to Princess Jasmine,” Bieber drawled to Younis. 

Smooth line, but after which he kinda seemed to remove his swag. Maybe we’re wrong, but it sounds similar to he says he wants to take a design with Jacqueline “and her dress.” Um…okay?

In the end, Bieber reportedly zoomed off but removing Jacqueline’s number, but we feel similar to if he hollered on amicable media, he’d mount a flattering great possibility of sealing the deal.

First Bieber bangs Barbara Palvin to have Selena Gomez jealous, and right away he’s changed on to a brand new model. It’s great to be the Biebs.

Justin Bieber Instagram Photos
Justin Bieber Mustache Attempt

1. Justin Bieber Mustache Attempt
Justin Bieber is perplexing to grow a mustache. It’s unfit not to giggle at the effort.