By right away it appears protected to contend that notwithstanding the continuous online gibberish their attribute has spurred, Beyonce and Jay Z have been not bursting up. At all.

In fact, not usually have been they staying tied together … they only renewed their vows!

Beyonce and Jay-Z: A Happy Marriage
Beyonce and Jay Kiss

1. Beyonce and Jay Kiss
Beyonce and Jay Z lick in Paris on stage. The integrate only renewed the vows and has put all rumors of their dissection to rest.

The twin faced a windstorm of conjecture in brand new months that they were on the rocks and ready to separate up for good, but they have been essentially you do well.

Very well. Although not all of the speak of misunderstanding was all off base.

“They did have vital problems,” a source tells People of the two.

“But they worked it out and right away they’ve renewed their vows.”

The energy integrate has additionally been speckled house-hunting in Paris multiform times over the past month. “They’re seeking for a place,” confirms an insider.

Spoiler alert: The places they’re seeking at have been not cheap.

“We love Paris,” Jay Z told the On the Run debate assembly there final month. “It’s special to us since we got intent here, and this is where Blue Ivy was conceived.”

That place will reason a special place in any parent’s heart, and alternative places. We know Jay hates French paparazzi, but loves about all else there.

Anyway … how prolonged until he gets Beyonce profound again?!

We’re astounded it hasn’t happened already, to be honest, but since the summer they had, may be it’s a great thing they aren’t going by that now.

34 Blue Ivy, Beyonce & Jay Z Family Photos
Beyonce Kisses Blue Ivy

1. Beyonce Kisses Blue Ivy
Beyonce kisses Blue Ivy Carter in a really honeyed impulse that she delightfully common for her fans.

Footage of her sister Solange aggressive Jay Z in a New York City conveyor flush in May, after that Bey and Jay’s hold up became a consistent source of gossip.

While things were moving for a time, “they worked it out for [the consequence of] their relationship, their reputations and for [their daughter] Blue Ivy,” says the insider.

Regardless of either or not they give baby Blue a pleasing kin anytime soon, the song moguls do have an additional partnership in the functions subsequent year:

A brand new album.

Sure, Justin Bieber might be a capital-D Douche Bag, but apparently, the city slicker is a savage on skates.

Naturally, Bieber’s exposed selfie on Shots has gotten some-more courtesy today, but a severely considerable idea that he scored during a rec joining hockey diversion is additionally entirely honourable of your attention:

Justin Bieber Scores Amazing Goal!

“My dangles were imaginary did u see that shot…#dontf–kwiththecanadian” Bieber wrote on Instagram beneath a shave of him juking defenders out of there skates.

Obviously, native does a lot of bragging, but in this case, it’s warranted. If this total “being the world’s greatest cocktail star” thing doesn’t work out, he might have a destiny in the NHL.

The Biebs has been display off his jaunty skills all over amicable media recently. Earlier this week, Bieber sparred with Floyd Mayweather (shirtless, of course), and he lived to discuss it the tale, that is an considerable attainment in the own right.

So if you’ve been wondering how Bieber gets to crash Barbara Palvin and a slew of alternative models, right away you might have your answer.

Just get rich, famous, and great at sports and you as well will have your collect of Victoria’s Secret Angels. And apparently, it won’t even make a difference if you’re a hulk douche. 

7 Models That May Have Had Sex with Justin Bieber
Adriana Lima

1. Adriana Lima
Mere weeks after finale her matrimony to Marko Jaric, Adriana Lima allegedly went home from a celebration in Cannes with The Biebs. We’re guessing he strike a home run with her!

It’s an Oct tradition, even some-more so than the San Francisco Giants looming in the World Series or Kim Kardashian celebrating a birthday:

Women going out for Halloween with really small wardrobe on.

17 Halloween Costumes Woman Have Somehow Made Skanky
Slutty Corn

1. Slutty Corn
You’ll wanna take your time whilst picking these kernels from in between your teeth!

Indeed, opposite this great country, females have incited Oct in to National Dress However You Want Without Being Called a Skank Day. 

We’ve already seen voluptuous Frozen Halloween costumes get expelled in respect of this celebration… but those outfits have zero on the pieces of clothes featured in this gallery.

There’s a skanky jester costume. And a skanky slice of pizza costume. Really.

Wanna skirt similar to a skanky crayon? If so … weird. But great news: you can!

We child you not, there’s even a skanky Oompa Loompa costume.

What does it demeanour like? Grit your teeth and find out now!

Jon Gosselin’s former skill owner is vocalization out in the issue of his new eviction, and sufficient it to say, she does not paint a certain design of the man.

Getting Smoked

Linda Eways, who evicted Jon Gosselin from her residence in Wernersville, Pa., says she paid a warn revisit to the skill after she suspicion he’d changed out.

And he had … for the many part. He positively left his symbol on the place.

Not usually did the father of 8 leave the residence trashed, strewn with rubbish and waste with walls and doors shop-worn from Jon’s dog, he left something behind:

A kitten.

Yes, the skill owner says she detected a little cat deserted there. Eways says she called Jon to ask about the kitten and he certified as much.

Well, specifically, he pronounced his ex-girlfriend Liz Jannetta (the one he appeared on Couples Therapy with, assumingly but a lot of success) left it there.

According to progressing reports, Jon’s ex changed out in September, so the pool was there for at slightest a couple of weeks with only Jon if the monthly calendar is correct.

Eways says the steer of the bad kitten “broke [her] heart” so she motionless to adopt it. In which sense, at slightest the animal has a amatory home now.

But wow, Jon. We know times have been tough, and being tied together to Kate Gosselin contingency have caused him vital mental repairs … but come ON.

What would his kids think? What does any one with a violence tough think?

13 Couples Who Fell Apart on Reality Television
Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

1. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian
The matrimony in between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian lasted 72 days. Pretty most each second of it took place on being TV.

Star reached out to Jon, who claims what the skill owner says “isn’t utterly true,” but wouldn’t elaborate. So which all creates us perspective him some-more favorably.

Meanwhile, vocalization of Kate, she’s carrying a back yard sale shortly and says which a apportionment of the deduction will be donated to her internal animal rescue league.

We can’t hold we’re observant this, but #TeamKate. Too bad the animal rescue organisation find a approach to immigrate Jon from himself. Clearly he needs it.

Also he needs a home BTW. Being pennyless and removing evicted and all.

Ever given headlines pennyless which Jacqueline Laurita will lapse to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, greeting from fans and stream expel members has been decidedly mixed.

With Teresa Giudice headed to jail for fifteen months, producers were left with couple of options with courtesy to women who have been accessible and competence be means to move a tenth of the play which Queen T brought to the table.

Laurita seemed a protected – if not undiluted – choice, but right away it seems which adding her to the expel might have left execs with an additional cavity to fill.

Jacqueline Laurita and Dina Manzo

Sources contend Dina Manzo was mad to sense Laurita will be returning to the show, and right away it looks similar to her annoy might have stirred her to give up the series.

Asked by a air blower on Twitter if she had any seductiveness in returning to the show subsequent season, Dina soon tweeted back, “NONE my essence can’t bear to be around distressing people.”

Given the reports about Dina’s snub over Jacqueline’s return, it’s protected to pretence which Laurita is one of the “terrible people” she’s referring to.

Of course, it’s probable Dina was dismissed and is right away perplexing to save face, but possibly way, it looks as nonetheless yet an additional Manzo won’t be returning to the Housewives franchise.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online at TV Fanatic to try and figure who will exit next.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Cast Pics
The Real Housewives of New Jersey New Season 6 Cast Photo

1. The Real Housewives of New Jersey New Season 6 Cast Photo
Say hello to The Real Housewives of New Jersey New for Season 6. They are: Dina Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Amber Marchese, Nicole Mauriello and Teresa Aprea.

Rumors which Leah Messer is dependant to medication drug appear to aspect any few weeks, and the newly-remarried mom of 3 has vehemently denied them any time.

Now, however, a drug play who claims to be Leah’s personal tie says he has all the sum about the Teem Mom star’s dangerous tablet problem.

Leah Dawn Messer Calvert Photo

“She’s picked up thirty to 40 pills at a time from me,” the unknown retailer tells Radar Online. He adds which given she’s turn famous, she infrequently employs a center male to lift out the transaction.

However, he additionally says she often gets unfortunate and picks up the pills herself.

The play claims Leah often spends multiform hundred dollars a week on pills, and her own friends and family have discussed her obsession publicly:

“I’ve seen Leah cocktail a handful of pills, gnaw them similar to they were candy, and swallow them,” says one relations who asked to sojourn anonymous.

Leah justifies her pill-popping with complaints of a bad back, but the source says “it’s essentially the suffering from withdrawal which bothers her, not her back. She can’t do a day but opiates.”

Insiders explain which Leah’s robe might shortly price her her young kids and husband. Last week, Jeremy Calvert indicted Leah of intrigue in a array of infamous tweets.

Leah denied cheating, and the integrate seems to have strike which sold dispute, but friends of Calvert’s explain he’s given motionless to leave his wife.

“He doesn’t have an expect timeline, but he’s done,” says the source.

Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic for some-more play and horrible decisions.

Leah Messer Photos: Through the Years
Leah Messer and Daughter

1. Leah Messer and Daughter
Leah Messer and one of her 3 daughters share a proposal moment.

According to assorted accounts, Bruce Jenner is right away dating Ronda Kamihira, the most appropriate crony of his ex-wife, Kris Jenner.

And even yet Kris is allegedly ripped detached over this development, great herself to nap each night given conjunction celebration even gave her the regretful heads-up, an insider says Bruce has usually one greeting Kris’ waterworks:


Bruce Jenner Image

“Kris is devastated,” a source tells People. “This was her most appropriate crony of twenty years, [but] Bruce isn’t unequivocally endangered with her feelings about it.

Jenner and Kamihira were initial speckled out together at an Elton John unison in Los Angeles on Oct 4, only a couple of weeks after he and Kris filed for divorce.

Kris Jenner called in to Ryan Seacrest’s air wave show this week and played it all cool, observant she didn’t know anything about Bruce’s personal life, but which she wished him the best.

“I do not caring who he goes out with,” she additionally pronounced on the Today Show on Monday. “He doesn’t check in with me and give me a play-by-play!”

But People says otherwise.

“She is so sad, utterly sad and only indeed shocked,” the repository writes, partly given Kamihira’s young kids grew up with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and the young kids “have been most appropriate friends.”

So, competence Kris date again shortly in sequence to get behind at her ex-husband and most appropriate pal?

Jenner “doesn’t have the time,” says the source, adding, “she’s not ready.”

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner: Through the Years…
Bruce and Kris Jenner in 2012

1. Bruce and Kris Jenner in 2012
Awww, recollect when? Bruce and Kris Jenner action all stupid circa 2012 in this photo. They have given separate up.

Teen Mom 2 expel partial of Adam Lind is fast apropos one of the many scandalous deadbeat dads on TV, and presumably life. Just ask Taylor Halbur.

Lind, important for impregnating Chelsea Houska, afterwards transfer her after the bieing innate of their daughter, Aubree, and creation her hold up hell, is you do it all again.

Halbur filed writings with the Department of Social Services final week to get Lind to compensate kid await for their daughter, Paislee, who is thirteen months old.

Taylor Halbur “filed to get Adam to compensate kid support,” a source said.

Taylor Halbur, Adam Lind

“Taylor was sleepy of Adam not profitable kid support, and right away which Paislee is older, she suspicion it was about time which Adam step up and compensate his part.”

Halbur claims which she needs some-more assistance financially and isn’t removing it.

“Adam usually sees Paislee a couple of days a month at many and right away Paislee has some-more needs,” the source said. “It would be good of Adam to put in a small help.”

Lind allegedly has never offering his ex-girlfriend any money. Given their on-and-off relationship, Halbur let it slip in the past, but right away she’s going after him.

“Adam has never paid Taylor any kid await since Paislee was born,” the source claims. “Originally, the justice had requested which Adam compensate $550 a month.”

“Taylor never saw which money, and she never followed by with removing Adam to compensate since they were still in a attribute on and off,” the source said.

“But right away which they have been not together, it’s about time Adam helps out.”

Not as he sees it. Another source says “Adam is melancholy to take Taylor to justice to try and get full control of Paislee only [so] he doesn’t [have to pay] support.”

“Adam’s logic is which Taylor doesn’t need income for daycare, and which he can take caring of Paislee himself when Taylor needs someone to watch her.”

“He says which his gym has a module for kids.”

Chelsea Houska Photos: Hottest Teen Mom Ever?
Chelsea Houska and Daughter

1. Chelsea Houska and Daughter
Chelsea Houska seeking fab on Instagram with her small daughter Aubree. <3

Of course, since Lind’s story of DUI arrests, mixed driving-related charges and even drug-related charges, him removing control is a diverting idea.

Most recently, Lind’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Nicole indicted him of you do steroids and physically spiteful her, posting cinema of Lind sharpened up online.

South Dakota fathers, close up your 21-year-old daughters.

First, Maymo staved off a Sharknado.

Now, this dear Beagle is behind to show alternative dogs how to hoop an astonishing zombie attack.

The dog – who has garnered viral celebrity for videos display his waggish reactions to paltry equipment – is featured in the following video removing pounded by a hulk feign zombie hand.

But does Maymo panic? Does Maymo show an unit of fear? Or any tension at all? Not really.

Watch right away to see Maymo’s stoic reaction:

Dog Fights Off Fake Zombie

See, Husky Who Freaked Out Over a Ghost This Week. There’s zero to fear. Be strong, difficult fella.

Maymo has done himself in to a World Wide Web prodigy and it’s easy to see why, formed on this good video.

Ready to encounter a little alternative important Internet dogs? Here you go…

19 Famous Dogs on the Internet

1. 3Bulldogges
The 3Bulldogges love to ladle and folks similar to to see them spoon. They have 118,000 supporters on Instagram.

A brand new deteriorate of True Tori kicked off on Lifetime final night, which equates to we’re in for some-more cringe-worthy revelations from the horrific matrimony of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Red Carpet Image

Last night, we schooled which Dean masturbated to Tori prior to they ever met. Yup, they went there.

You competence have suspicion Tori and Dean set the club as well tall in week one, but do not be concerned – there’s copiousness some-more ungainly awfulness where which came from.

On subsequent week’s episode, Mary Jo Eustace pops at the back of onto the stage to exhibit – Surprise! – which Dean’s regularly been a scumbag and he gave her the same BS lines which he’s right away stuff oneself to Tori.

Mary Jo presents Tori with a minute which Dean wrote her whilst they were still married, and for a little reason, Tori is repelled to find which McDermott pronounced all of the same tear-jerking crap to both his wives.

“It creates Tori subject all again,” a source says about the letter. “Over the past year, they’ve worked tough to put what he did at the back of them and reconstruct trust.”

“Reading the minute done Tori see Dean for who he unequivocally is: A cheater. He claims he loves her now, but what’s to stop him from going out and carrying an additional affair?”

Tori was reportedly quite dissapoint by a apportionment of the minute in which Dean calls Mary Jo, “The love of my life.”

We’re not certain because – after all the crap Dean’s put her by – anticipating out which he desired his ex-wife whilst they were tied together would be the final straw, but insiders contend the minute brought Tori to the margin of finale her marriage.

So this week, Tori was weirdly comforted by anticipating out which Emily Goodhand is ugly, and next week she comes this tighten to eventually withdrawal Dean.

Yup, it’s an additional deteriorate of crazy, scripted ups and downs on True Tori.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: Through Good Times and Bad
Tori and Dean Moment

1. Tori and Dean Moment
Tori and Dean share a in contact with moment. So most to contend about these two.